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Cookup Solar Barbecue: Like Cooking With Your Satellite Dish

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 7, 2011

Have plenty of sunlight and money to spare? Check out the Cookup, a neat-looking solar grill from French company ID Cook. As you may have guessed, instead of using traditional fuel like coal or gas, the Cookup concentrates the power of the sun to heat food up to 200°C. The Cookup can be assembled without the need for any tool, and can be adjusted so it can catch the optimum amount of sunlight.

cookup solar barbecue by id cook

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how fast it cooks food. In fact, I don’t know how fast food is cooked in general. I just wait until my sister says it’s time to eat. Anyway, ID Cook does say this on its product page: “Cooking time: 60 minutes Chicken.” So yeah. No idea.

I wonder how one goes about retrieving food off of a 200°C surface. I’m sure it’s in the manual, because the Cookup is undoubtedly a long-term investment. You’ll get savings from not having to buy fuel for it, but you’ll have to burn a lot of money upfront – the stainless steel and plastic Cookup INOX sells for about $429 (USD), while the wood and aluminum Cookup200 sells for about $715. You can order both from ID Cook’s website.

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