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Just Another Set of Steampunk Dice, That’s All…

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 7, 2011

We recently showed you some steampunk-inspired dice which I thought were pretty cool. But those dice were all just little cubes. These ones look even cooler, thanks to their unusual D&D-style shapes.


This set of dice was designed by shapeways user gythawen and Masterworks, and comes in a set of numerous differently sided-dice perfect for a good old game of Dungeons & Dragons, or any other board or card game that uses dice. Personally, I’d use them as Monopoly pieces, instead of the shoe and the hat but that’s just me. The intricately-detailed dice are produced using 3D printing technology, and as seen in the image above can even be produced in bronze, stainless steel, or glossy silver.


Dice range in size from 16mm to 24mm, and a complete set will run you about $25 (USD) when produced from resin (which may be too light for rolling,) about $80 in bronze or stainless, and close to $200 in silver. Of course the antique bronze seems the most fitting with the steampunk theme, but they’re cool no matter what material you decide to make them in. In addition to the steampunk set, Masterworks also offers this cool Harry Potter-inspired set they call the “Deathly Hallows”, which is equally as awesome:


Both the dice sets and individual dice are available over at Masterworks’ Shapeways shop.