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Florida Schools Using Fingerprint Scanners for Roll Calls and More

 |  |  |  |  |  October 11, 2011

Remember when life was a whole lot simpler and we didn’t use or even need a ton of electronics to live our lives? No iPods, no mobile phones, no laptop computers or tablets, no cars, and no television? Probably sounds like a hard life to live, but hey, our ancestors managed to do it.

Fingerprint Scanner

Another thing previous generations, including mine, were able to do? Go to school the “manual” way. And I say manual because schools in Washington County, Florida are actually using fingerprint scanners to keep track of their students. Instead of the teacher calling out names during roll call, all students have to do is press their thumbs against the machine and they’re good to go.

The scanners have been in place since the beginning of the current school year, but the schools are planning to go a step further by installing the scanners inside school buses to save even more time. It just makes me think, though, that it might be easier for kids to just check in with the scanner and then skip school after stepping off the bus. But that’s just me.

[via PopSci via Dvice]