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REAL-f Masks Are Creepy, Ultra Realistic, and Extremely Expensive

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Written by Hazel Chua | October 13, 2011

I remember this fight I had with my sister when we were much younger. It was around Halloween, and we were fighting over who would get to wear the princess costume my mom had rented earlier. It was pretty close to the October 31st, so she only managed to bring one home. At the height of the fight, I remember yelling out at my sister: “You should probably go as yourself – a spoiled brat!”

And to help take those sentiments further – and in the literal sense – there’s the 3DPF Masks by REAL-f. These are custom-made and extremely realistic masks that could pass off as an authentic replica to your face. 3DPF stands for 3 Dimension Photo Forms, and they’re available as a mask or as a full bust of your head.


These masks are made by taking photos of your face from various angles and molding a three-dimensional copy from vinyl chloride resin. The method is so detailed, that even blood vessels and iris details are copied accurately onto the mask.


These masks or busts don’t come cheap either. The first mask will cost you a whopping $3,920 (USD), with each additional one priced at $780. Going for a bust will set you back $5,875, with each additional one priced at $1,960.

REAL-f Realistic Mask

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