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Balloon TARDIS for Clowns Traveling through Time and Space

 |  |  |  |  October 14, 2011

Clowns traveling through time and space. It’s a serious problem. You are minding your own business and suddenly a Balloon TARDIS appears and instead of the usual wheezing/groaning sound, it is a sound like the Harpo Marx horn. A clown opens the door and comes out. He shakes your hand and says “Hello, I’m the Doctor.” Then squirts you in the face with the flower on his lapel.

Obviously the real Doctor has been kidnapped and this bozo has turned the TARDIS into a balloon structure. It’s still bigger on the inside, but it now looks like a circus under the big top.

Anyway, this is a nightmare scenario. It’s up to you to save the Doctor. Of course! Every balloon-blowing clown has the same weakness. Retrieving a pin from your pocket, you run to the Balloon TARDIS and pop one of the balloons. The Clown-Lord’s eye seems to disappear. You pop another and his hand fades away. He’s getting angry and starting to come for you. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. He is no more now that his TARDIS is gone.

That’s one clown defeated, and somewhere in the universe the Doctor is safe once again and back in existence. That’s what you do if you ever see a balloon TARDIS. Don’t just stand there and reach for the $1 special (as in the image above). The Doctor needs you!

[via The Mary Sue via Geeks Are Sexy]