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Genius Outs Thin LuxePad A9000 Keyboard for Android Tablets

 |  |  |  |  |  October 19, 2011

Tablets are fantastic little devices, and you can certainly replace your notebook with one if you want to for light word processing and general computer work. The fact is that for most of us, the on-screen keyboard really sucks. You can get a variety of different keyboards that will work with most of the tablets on the market today.


If you use an Android tablet, you can get the new LuxePad A9000 from Genius that is made specifically for the Android tablets out there. The new keyboard is aimed at Android 3.0 tablets and connects using Bluetooth. It has a scissor style key system that has smooth presses and a solid tactile feel.

That should mean you could type like the wind on your tablet for typing out documents or emails. The keyboard only supports Android 3.0 so don’t think you are going to share this around with your iPad pals (you’ll need to grab the iOS-specific LuxePad 9000 for that). It has batteries included and sips power according to Genius so it should last a good long while. It does have keys on it for your Android tablet commands too. The LuxePad A9000 will sell for about $60 (USD).