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New Xbox 720 Console to Arrive in 2013?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 20, 2011

Much like any news about the Playstation 4, this is rumor territory, but there are some murmurings that we might finally see the next-generation Xbox 720 console in 2013, and not next year during E3 2012. At this point, it’s possible we could still see it in 2012, but on the other hand you may have better odds of a Star Wars re-re-release without Lucas adding another menagerie of CGI creatures.

xbox 720 logo

Reports indicate that everyone from processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms have been actively working with Microsoft and they expect the new console to be unveiled at E3 2013. Many rumors about what gaming companies have been working on have also led to speculation that an Xbox 720 is in fact in development. For instance, Lionhead is supposedly working on a project named Fable NExt, which will launch on a new console and another rumor says that an EA studio already has rudimentary new Xbox console technology in-house. I guess time will tell.

Whether you call it Xbox 720, Xbox Next, Nextbox, or whatever, it will hit eventually and we will all buy one. Does anyone care to predict some launch dates?

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