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Twist Pencil Sharpener Is as Simple as It Can Get

 |  |  |  |  October 20, 2011

People are often trying to come up with stuff to make various things and situations in life easier and simpler. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible in our highly complicated world today. Or is it?

Twist Pencil SharpenerMost people learn how to write using pencils first before moving on to ink pens. You might have remembered how huge pencil sharpeners used to be with their cranks and tiny, removable drawers filled with pencil shavings that had to be thrown out and cleaned every once in a while. Then came the manual sharpeners that were smaller and definitely a whole lot more convenient to carry around, although you had to sharpen over a trash can so the shavings fall directly into it.

The next sharpener in line is the Twist pencil sharpener.

Twist Pencil Sharpener

It’s basically one of those manual sharpeners, except it’s very minimalist, extremely simple, and just cuts everything back to the basics. It’s simply a bent sheet of metal, formed into a cone. A sharp edge shaves the pencil, and a gap at allow shavings to fall out.

It was designed by Tianyu Wu, Yinbin Shuai, Mingya Wei & Zhengyu Lin and is an entry to the International Forum Design in Hannover.

[via Yanko Design]