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Weigh Whatever with the Scale²

 |  |  |  |  |  October 21, 2011

Typically, you need different types of scales depending on what sort of thing or being you want to weigh. But with this intriguing concept, the scale itself is able to scale to suit its target.


Industrial designer René Lee envisioned the Scale² (aka the “Scale Scale”) as a single adaptable scale which works with humans, animals, suitcases or various other things. Instead of requiring a different size scale based on the footprint of its subject, the Scale² can accommodate a variety of sizes.


The device has a stupid-simple user interface, with icons for people, pets or luggage on the face. Simply press the appropriate icon, and the Scale² automatically opens up to accommodate its subject.


In addition to displaying weight, Scale² would display Body Mass Index, as well as sync with your smartphone or the Internet to track weight loss, and can store multiple user profiles. I also think the color-coded weight tracker is brilliant.  When you lose weight, the display is in green, while weight gain would result in a nasty red display.


While I’m not sure how often I really need to weigh my dog or cat, I could see weighing my baggage as a more common practice these days with the ridiculous surcharges airlines are tacking on these days. Even if it’s not a device you use every day, the Scale² is definitely a clever bit of industrial design, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it manufactured some day.

[via I.D.]