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Darth Vader CD Player: A Long Time Ago… We Still Listened to Compact Discs

 |  |  |  |  |  October 26, 2011

It’s too bad that my entire CD collection is packed away in boxes somewhere in my basement since I converted everything to digital files so I can just carry all my tunes in my pocket. Because if I still listened to CDs, I’d totally buy this Darth Vader CD player.


I first spied this thing back in February, and now you can finally buy it just in time for nobody to listen to CDs anymore. Still, Darth would look cool sitting there on your desk, staring down people, as you watch the spinning platter behind his red eyes.

In terms of features, this thing does have an equally low-tech AM/FM radio, and an old-school telescoping antenna sticking out of the back. It also lets you program the sequence of the tracks on your CDs, which is sort of like a poor-man’s digital shuffle. I suppose you could just skip the whole CD thing, and just plug your MP3 player into Lord Vader’s 3.5mm jack if you so desire.

The Darth Vader CD player is available now over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95 (USD). I think I’ll wait until they come out with a Luke Skywalker 8-track player, or maybe a Chewbacca cassette player.