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Hatch & Co. SKINNY: The iPad 2 Keyboard Case Slims Down

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Written by Range | October 26, 2011

Let’s be honest, transforming your iPad into a netbook with a somewhat bulky Bluetooth keyboard seems a bit like a paradox; the whole reason why the iPad 2 is so easy to carry around is that it’s extremely light and you can still use it for a variety of purposes. This new keyboard case from Hatch & Co. is called SKINNY and it’s not bulky at all.

hatch & co. case bluetooth keyboard skinny ipad 2

The SKINNY case is made from faux leather, and integrates the world’s slimmest and lightest iPad 2 keyboard. At least, that’s what the company claims. The keyboard is 0.07 inches thick. It only weighs 10.4 ounces, so your iPad will stay light and thin. It even integrates a trigger to automatically sleep and wake your iPad, just like Apple’s Smart Cover.


Instead of chiclet-style keys, you’ll find ultra-thin touch keys with a slight tactile edge, so I don’t know how good these are for touch-typing, and if they’re really going to be an improvement over the on-screen keyboard. Though it will save you screen real-estate while typing, and it is spill-proof. The keyboard’s battery is good enough for 68 hours of continuous use and it can be charged up via USB in two hours.

hatch & co. case bluetooth keyboard skinny ipad 2

You can get the SKINNY case over at Amazon for $89.99 (USD), and is available in either black with grey keys or white with brown keys (reminiscent of the old Atari 400).

hatch & co. case bluetooth keyboard skinny ipad 2

[via Ubergizmo]