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Denso Five-Axis Robot Serves Ice Cream

 |  |  October 27, 2011

I am not a germophobe by any means, but if I had the option of that pimple faced teen in the mall scooping my ice cream or getting it from a robot lacking the extra skin oils and pimples, I would go for the robot. Denso robotics has posted a new video on YouTube that shows its 5-axis robot inside a Robofusion kiosk, serving ice cream.

Robofusion Ice Cream Kiosk

The little robot arm is inside an enclosed booth and the customer can put in their credit card and then get a ticket they feed into the robot kiosk. The ticket is good for one cold five-layer ice cream treat prepared without fear that pimple goo will be hiding inside somewhere.

The person picks everything from the flavor of ice cream to toppings and the bot drops them into the cup and then hands the frosty treat over. This thing looks really cool and I could see it making some big money at the mall.