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LighTissue That I Wish You Saw – But I Don’t Think We Ever Will

 |  |  |  |  |  October 28, 2011

Isn’t it just annoying when you’re all settled in and the lights are all out, when you realize that you’ve left your keys in the kitchen table or your phone in the bathroom, and you have to get out of bed and bump your knees and shins all over the place to get there? (Okay, so you could just reach on out and turn on the nightlight, but suppose the batteries are dead or something…)

Light Tissue

A quick, albeit disposable solution? The LighTissue. It’s basically a tissue that’s a light, and while it’s a pretty fun idea if you think about it, designer Oh-Se Won didn’t provide enough details or come with a feasible way to actually make this concept a probable one.

As one Yanko commenter noted (or rather, questioned): “how can the tissue light up? Is it by electrical means, or via a chemical reagent, or is it coated in some sort of¬†photoluminescent chemical?”

Light Tissue

Nuh-uh, I still don’t see the practicality (or possibility of this thing being made) even with this image of the many different ways you can use the Light Tissue. But it would be pretty cool if they can ever figure out a way to make these.

[via Yanko Design]