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Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard Packs an Odd Name But Thin Style

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Written by Range | October 30, 2011

If you’re actually trying to get some work done on your tablet or phone, instead of just consuming media, then you most likely need a keyboard. It’s either that, or switch out your tablet for a MacBook Air or netbook. The Rapoo E6300 Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard is quite thin and compact.

rapoo keyboard mobile computing bluetooth tablet smartphone e6300

At just 0.22″ thick, it’s supposed to be the world’s thinnest keyboard, but that’s not quite true since the Hatch & Co. SKINNY is only 0.07″ thick. Still, it’s probably a bit more comfortable to use, since they’re actual keys, and not touch-sensitive like the SKINNY.


The E6300 keyboard measures just about 3.1″ × 8.1″, so it’s quite compact. The Rapoo’s keyboard is rechargeable with a charge lasting up to a month.

rapoo keyboard mobile computing bluetooth tablet smartphone e6300

It was designed to work well with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, and you can get one for $39.99 (USD) over at Focalprice.

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