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Battlefield 3 is Now EA’s Fastest Selling Game, Sells 5 Million Units in First Week

 |  |  |  |  November 1, 2011

We knew that Battlefield 3 was pretty impressive while we were waiting for it to arrive, but now we have some numbers regarding the first week’s sales. The latest game in the franchise hit retailers last week, and has moved 5 million units in one week’s time.

This makes Battlefield 3 the fastest selling title in EA’s history. That’s a 29 year history mind you. They did a great job marketing this one to hardcore gamers with some amazing videos, so by the time E3 came in June, everyone already knew the game and couldn’t wait.

After that they just pressed on, showing more and people were playing the Beta. All the while, we were just waiting for the release. And now it is a phenomenon. Other companies need to pay attention. This is how you market a game. I can’t wait to see where these numbers go from here.

[via Techcrunch]