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HP TouchPad Selling for $150 on (with a Big Caveat)

 |  |  |  |  |  November 1, 2011

If you’ve been sad that you missed the HP TouchPad while the price was just $99 you have another chance to get a good deal on one of the few remaining tablets. That price has now ended and the tablet is selling for more than that.


Your last chance to get one of the tablets for under normal price is probably the new deal going right now. The tablet is going for $149.99 (USD), but there’s a catch – you can’t just buy the tablet. You have to purchase an HP laptop, desktop or AIO computer to get that special price.  Unfortunately, that actually makes it quite expensive – especially for a tablet which has been discontinued and has no official OS support going forward.

Still, if you need a new computer that might be an appealing deal. It’s also worth noting that if you buy the a computer and tablet, then return the PC, Best Buy will hit you for the full $599.99 price of the TouchPad.

We can assume this deal will last until all the TouchPads are sold out.

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