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How Many Tiny Helicopters Does It Take to Lift a Human? 16, if the Human Goes Willingly

 |  |  |  |  November 2, 2011

Robots are taking our jobs, sure, but look at that image. They are also taking our humans. This guy went willingly, but one day they will join together just like these little helicopters and carry us away while our limbs flail helplessly.

You can best describe the e-volo multicopter as four large quadrotors stuck together with a seat in the middle. When you combine so many like this, it gives you a lot of options and opens up a lot more possible uses for the technology aside from riding in this thing.(Which could be fun when you actually get in the seat willingly. Not so fun if these things come and get you.)

Having so many of these copters together makes sense in other ways too. The e-volo can lose a rotor or an engine and still land safely. Heck, it can even lose up to four at once and it will be okay.

If that isn’t enough, compared to a regular helicopter, it’s simple. And less complication means less failure and more safety. The motors are all independent from each other, each with an off-the-shelf battery system and controller. That’s about it really. It gets 10-30 minutes in the air right now, but if they can improve the battery life, the possibilities are endless.

[via Dvice]