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iPlate Adds a Layer of Photoshop to Your Dinner

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 4, 2011

…which is why these should have been called Photoplate instead. Whatever their name, Todd Burka’s designs will make Photoshop fans think of the possibilities of edible editing. What if you could enlarge or multiply your food with just a few clicks? Or make your kid’s dinner look awesome so they’ll eat it? Or undo your last meal so you won’t have that stomach ache?

iplate by todd borka


Hell, if we can print 3D objects now, it wouldn’t be surprising if someday we’ll be able to print food and then edit it on our plates.

As of this writing, the iPlate is on pre-sale at Ulule, with a set of 4 china plates (one of each design) going for €20 (~$28 USD).

[via PFSK]