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Memo Eyes: Sticky Notes for Your Eyeballs

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 5, 2011

Take a look at the pair of glasses below. They look like your ordinary pair of contemporary sunglasses, no? Well take a closer look. Wait a second, those aren’t lenses at all. They’re sticky notes.


I’m doing my best to not call them Post-Its, as I know 3M’s itchy-trigger lawyers will send me a nasty note if I dare refer to them as Post-Its. So I’ll just call them Whats-Its. Or sticky notes. Let’s go with sticky notes. Now why would you want eyeglasses with sticky notes on them, you might ask? Well, here’s why…


See, you can make funny faces with them – turning your face into sort of a real-life Nintendo Mii. The possibilities are endless. Well actually, they’re pretty limited, but they’re still pretty awesome.

I spotted these Memo Eyes eyeglass note pads over at Funshop, so good luck finding them outside of Korea. But even if you could, it’s not like you could see out of them anyhow, and I’m certain they’re not covered by your company’s optical insurance.