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GingerDead Men Cookie Cutters: Don’t Choke on Any Frosting Bones

 |  |  |  |  November 7, 2011

The following post is from Technabob guest writer Jack Kieffer of Cool Gizmo Toys, a site written by geeks, for geeks. Thanks, Jack!

The GingerDead Men Cookie Cutters turn your happy cookies into walking skeleton creatures of evil. One side of the product cuts the shape of the walking dead, and the other imprints the skeleton design onto its body. They make great stocking stuffers for geeks of all kinds, and are awesome for people who love to eat. A safe bet is that most people you know enjoy eating, so, you can’t really go wrong, unless they happen to be deathly afraid of skeletons. Or gingerbread men. *Hears footsteps* DON’T EAT ME! *Gets hit by a gumdrop.*


The GingerDead Men cookie cutters are great, but your geeky friends might prefer to be given the Pac-Man cookie cutters or the Ninjabread cookie cutters if they’re more into Ka-rah-tay. *Karate chops a fern* That shrubbery will think twice the next time it decides to look at me funny. *Fern stands up and retaliates*

So, after being reduced to nothing by an angry fern, I recommend that you keep the violence in your cookies and the cookies in your fern, since it will be angry if you don’t appease it with food. Also, do you have any idea how long your plants have been filling their bladders? It’s incredibly painful, and contributes to their irritability. *Slapped by the fern* Your drinks are coming, sir, there’s just been a slight delay in the kitchen! *Scurries off to get some Root Beer*

The GingerDead Men are sold individually for $7 (USD) from Perpetual Kid and ThinkGeek.