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A Grandfather’s Gaming Adventures

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 7, 2011

Gamers, here’s an awesome way to jump start your Monday (or end it, in my case). Amidst all the hype, reports of shortcomings and scams and overreacting complaints about video games that we come across on the Web nowadays, it’s nice to see something that reminds us of the things that make gaming fun: the sense of adventure, exploration and challenge.  Redditor jungleradio says that his grandfather asked for video games for his 80th birthday earlier this year. He then received this email from his grandpa last week:

jungleradio grandfather email

I have the exact experience with Red Dead Redemption. I’m sure many of you can relate to Grandpa Aaron as well. I haven’t finished Bioshock (and I never will, because I get dizzy when I play FPS games) but I’m still moved by how much the experience moved the man. But most of all, I just love how everything seemed so fresh to him and that he wasn’t upset about struggling with the games. Makes me ashamed a bit because I’ve gotten a bit jaded and am easily frustrated with games. Grandpa Aaron approaches games at just the right distance. Engaged, but not too serious about it.

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