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Pac-Man Rubber Stamps: Wakka, Wakka, Stampa

 |  |  |  |  November 19, 2011

Whether you’re rooting for Pac-Man or the ghosts, here’s something fun you can add you your drawer full of geekery. It’s a set of fun Pac-Man rubber stamps, the ideal thing for marking up your papers and showing off your inner game geek.


Each set of Pac-Man rubber stamps is hand-carved by Paris artist MemiTheRainbow, and comes with 5 stamps: Pac-Man, Phantom (aka regular ghost), Confused Phantom (aka blue ghost), Cherries and Strawberry. Assuming you pick up ink pads in several colors, you’ll be able to stamp images of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde using the Phantom one.


The only thing I wish is that the set included stamps for the dots and Power Pills, along with Pac-Man with his mouth closed too. If you want this set, head on over to Etsy and you can grab it for $25 (USD). While you’re over there, why not grab some Space Invaders, too?


[via it8bit]