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Alianoid Humidifiers: Steaming Mad Space Aliens

 |  |  |  |  |  November 20, 2011

I don’t live in a dry climate, so I’ve rarely needed a humidifier, but if I did, I’d like one like this please. The Alianoid Humidifier was designed by Minwoo Lee and was inspired by alien robots from outer space. The small appliance has a unique look to distinguish itself from all of the others that are already available.

minwoo lee alianoid humidifier design alien

Alianoid looks like an alien robot that keeps on venting steam in anger. It’s got stubby little legs, a rotund body and bulbous head. There are some simple controls at the bottom to indicate water levels and the desired steam output.

minwoo lee alianoid humidifier design alien

For now, this is just a concept design, but hopefully someone will make it a reality so that we can all have this little space guy keeping our nasal passages clear someday.

minwoo lee alianoid humidifier design alien

[via Yanko Design]