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Todd McLellan’s Disassembly Breaks Retro Tech Down Into Its Tiniest Components

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Written by Range | November 25, 2011

These photos are part of a series by Canadian photographer Todd McLellan. They showcase retro tech that’s been completely disassembled down to its individual parts.

todd mclellan disassembly disassembled tech photos apart

The series is called Disassembly, and it’s quite compelling. Each image shows you just how many components went into these old pieces of technology. The flip clock and typewriter are impressively complex, as are the old cameras.

There are two types of photos that make up the series. One features the disassembled tech, all laid out neatly, which I prefer, and others are part of the Apart sub-series, which show the tech basically being blown apart.

It makes you wonder if he eventually had to put everything back together again.

[via The New Exhibition via But Does It Float]