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Gumball Pinball Machine: Play it and Chew Gum at the Same Time

 |  |  |  |  |  November 26, 2011

I’ve always loved pinball machines. Sure, video games have completely replaced them as my primary form of gaming entertainment, but I still always love the tactile feel of the flippers and bumpers as they clack against the steel ball. While this pinball machine doesn’t have bumpers (or the steel ball for that matter) it still looks like fun. That’s because it’s filled with gumballs.


To play Gumball Pinball, you simply turn the crank to release three 1-inch gumballs into the field of play. Woo-hoo! Multi-ball on the first try! As the gumballs start to head South, you bat away at them using a pair of flippers. The field has a total of seven holes on it, four which will win you the gumball, and three which result in no prize at all. Gumballs you get in the right holes drop into the candy collection area, while those you miss are returned to a storage bin for later reloading.

Ok, so it doesn’t sound like it will have much replay value after you collect your gumballs, but it still looks like fun for at least a few seconds. And kids will should a blast with this thing. All told, the Gumball Pinball Machine can hold up to 1,700 gumballs (it comes with 850), and the whole machine only weighs 97 lbs, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to transport and set up. It’s available over at Hamamcher Schlemmer for $1,000 (USD).