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Eclipse DECT Phone: Cool Shape, But Who Needs It?

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Written by Range | November 27, 2011

The Eclipse DECT Wireless Home Phone definitely looks cool, kind of like those Bang & Olufsen phones, but do people still use landlines enough to justify the cost of a designer-looking phone? In an age where people are canceling their landlines in order to exclusively use their cell phones, it makes you wonder why anyone would buy one.

eclipse phone wireless sebastien sauvage design

I suppose if the phone packs the right tech, like VOIP and computer-compatibility, it might be useful, albeit somewhat cumbersome. The donut shape and concealed keyboard and display are interesting, but the phone takes up much more space than a regular handset.

eclipse phone wireless sebastien sauvage design

To me, the Eclipse looks more like something you’d want to display as a piece of art rather than use as a phone.

eclipse phone wireless sebastien sauvage design

The Eclipse DECT phone was designed by Sebastien Sauvage.  For now, it’s just a concept.

[via Yanko Design]