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Last Minute: Death As an Art Form

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Written by Hazel Chua | November 27, 2011

The fact is that we’re all going to die someday. Some pass on sooner, while others live to a ripe old age (sometimes wishing they were dead instead what with all the complications of old age.) But the point is, people die.

Last Minute

Different cultures follow different practices when it comes to death. Some send of those who have passed in elaborate rituals, while some arrange for a simple burial instead. Using these rituals as her inspiration, Patrycja Domanska created Last Minute.

Last Minute is a modern representation of death, where “ritual and tradition meet.” The piece is comprised of the Sea Urn, the Figure Urn, the Tear Jug, and the Coins.

Last Minute

Sea Urn takes on the concept of the “death ship,” which is where the bodies of the departed are placed on and sent off for their final journeys. The Figure Urn, shown directly above, is basically an urn with a decorated lid, where one of the figures (presumably the black one) can be removed and kept as a remembrance of the departed.


The Tear Jug is a piece that was inspired by tear jugs used before in Rome, where professional grievers cried into. Lastly, the Coins in the series serves as a reminder to remember a loved one.

[via Yanko Design]