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London Bar Offers Urinal Video Games, Super Bladder Bros. Not One of Them

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 27, 2011

How do you get more customers into your bar? Create some new fancy drinks? Maybe have a game night? Well, The Exhibit Bar in London went the video game route, by installing some new gaming urinals in the men’s bathroom.


These video game urinals were created by Captive Media, which is a good name. As long as you are slinging wiz, you’re not going anywhere, therefore you’re captive to their entertainment. The games have names like you would expect: Clever Dick, On The Piste and so on, and they are entire controlled by peeing.


Just aim your stream in the proper direction, and you control the game. If you are proud of your score, you can also post it on the online leader board and Twitter.

Once they market the hell out of this and add advertising, the novelty will wear off and then guess what? Prepare for pooping games. Although I suppose those high scores will be more geared to the largest of humans. I can’t wait. That’s sarcasm. I can wait. Please never make this happen.

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