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BGH Quick Chef Music Makes the Microwave Beep a Tune of the Past

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 28, 2011

Like many ubiquitous tools and appliances, it’s kind of hard to think of ways to improve the microwave oven. But Brazilian cooking appliance manufacturer BGH has done just that by adding one simple feature: audio playback. Instead of the default beeping sound, the BGH Quick Chef Music plays music when it’s done heating your food.

bgh quick chef music microwave oven

The Quick Chef Music has a USB port so users can easily swap the music. I don’t have the exact details about this function though, such as the length of the playback or volume control. Below is a commercial for the BGH Quick Chef Music:

If you found that last bit funny, there are a couple more here. I think BGH should add an alarm clock feature to the microwave oven as well, so you can wake up to both good music and good food. While they’re at it, adding a coffee pot and a mini-fridge would be a good idea. And a toaster. And the kitchen sink. Innovation is easy.

[via Breno Costa’s Vimeo channel via Notcot]