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Portal Personality Core Rings Finally Give Wheatley the Finger

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 28, 2011

While the killer puzzles, GLaDOS (Potato), and Cave Johnson were all highlights of Portal 2, Wheatley tops the list for the sheer quantity of laugh-out-loud moments in the game, if you ask me. Now fans of the game can take Wheatley wherever they go, with one of these personality core rings.


They were designed by Ammnra Props, and they do a great job capturing the look of each of the personality cores. Even though the game’s cores are spheres, these still work nicely since they’re sort of like you just chopped the top and bottom off of the core so you can stick your finger into it. In addition to Wheatley, you can slip some of the lesser-known cores onto your fingers, including Space Core, Fact Core and Rick the Adventure Core. What, no Anger Cores?


The rings are produced using 3D printing technology over at Shapeways, and can be ordered up in a variety of materials. Keep in mind that while you can order them in stainless steel or silver, you won’t be able to get the colorful eyeball effect if you do that. Though I do think a shiny sterling silver Wheatley ring would look pretty awesome. If you buy one of the white or grey plastic versions, you’ll still need to paint in the details yourself. Here’s what the plastic rings look like once printed and painted:


The personality core rings can be ordered in ring sizes from 6 to 12, and prices range from $15 to $105 (USD) – depending on material – over at Ammnra’s Shapeways shop.