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Urban Beehive Gives You Some Honey, Right on the Money

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 29, 2011

I use honey with a lot of stuff. Honey on bread, honey in coffee, honey in oatmeal, honey in tea, honey in milk – I think a whole lot of things just taste better with honey in it or on it.

Urban Beehive

I even tried honey that was still pretty fresh from the hive when I visited a bee farm a couple of years ago. But imagine being able to get the freshest honey ever with your very own beehive that you can mount, right in your very own kitchen.

The Urban Beehive is a design by Clive van Heerden and Jack Mama. It’s part of a new project by¬†Philips called the “Microbial Home.” Through the project, Philips envisions a future where the waste from one household might become fuel for another.

Urban Beehive

Philips also says that there are more benefits to the Urban Beehive than meets the eye. Aside from providing people with fresh honey, the Urban Beehive can also boost pollination and provide some sort of therapeutic value to the owners by just watching the bees hard at work.

But my only question now is: what’s in it for the bees?

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