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Honda Motor Compo Scooter Screams “I’m Geekier Than You, Segway Guy!”

 |  |  |  |  |  December 2, 2011

I am always surprised when the Tokyo Motor Show rolls around each year, as I tend to see as many things that aren’t cars than new cars themselves. Case in point – Honda is showing off a new electric scooter at the show called the Motor Compo. This folding scooter is designed to slip into the back of a small car that Honda was showing at the show as well.

It seems the idea is that the larger car can drive you from home to as close to your destination as possible. If you are the sort that doesn’t like exercise, you could then pop the Motor Compo scooter out of the car, unfold it, and cruise to your final destination. This sort of scooter is a nice last-mile option.


Once you get where you are going you can fold the scooter back up and take it with you. The downside is you will look like a Shriner in a TRON movie riding this thing. I would certainly laugh and point – especially if you wear a electroluminescent fez on your head to complete the look.

The two-wheel scooter is front-wheel drive, and has a built-in smartphone dock, which would also provide information on the bike’s speed and battery levels. At this point, Honda gives no indication of the driving range or charge time for the Motor Compo, or if it will ever come to market.


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