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ODDIO1 Headphones Hide iPod Shuffle 4G in Plain Sight

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Written by Range | December 4, 2011

While I thought those wristbands they used to make for the iPod Shuffle were cool, it was a bit unwieldy to have a headphone cord running down your arm to the Shuffle. This new design takes it to the next level, since it incorporates the 4th generation iPod Shuffle in the headphones themselves.

oddio1 headphones design ipod shuffle kickstarter

Designed by Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall, the ODDIO1 allows you to dock your iPod Shuffle directly into one side of the headphones. This eliminates the need for a cord flying about, and is ideal for exercise and outdoor activities.

oddio1 headphones design ipod shuffle kickstarter

Once the Shuffle clicks into place, you can still access the dock connector on the bottom so you don’t have to take it out of the headphones to charge or sync. I only hope they counterbalanced the headphones, otherwise the docked side might slump because of the added weight of the iPod.

oddio1 headphones design ipod shuffle kickstarter

The ODDIO1 is another Kickstarter project, and has thusfar reached just under $7,000 of its $45,000 goal. You’ll need to pledge $35(USD) or more to get a pair of these headphones.

[via core77]