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Snake Watch Gives Your Wrist a Case of Tapeworm

 |  |  |  |  December 5, 2011

You’ve got to love some of the wacky watch concepts over on the Tokyoflash Design Blog. I’m particularly amused by the latest design from our old pal Peter Fletcher, which gets its inspiration from that mobile phone “Snake.”

While I probably spent more hours playing this on my old Nokia 6200 phone than anything else, I actually remember playing a version many years earlier on my Atari 2600, called Surround, and then later with the arcade TRON Lightcycle battle.


The cool thing about the Snake Watch is that the same pixel block snake that you played the game with is the time display. Look carefully, and you’ll notice that the snake trail on the watch above spells out “12:45.” Neat. When the time is not being displayed, the snake moves around the screen constantly, to keep your eyeballs occupied, and to act as a screen saver. Not that I think a watch display actually needs a screen saver.


The watch offers up two types of digits – one where the lines are truly continuous, and another where the numbers can have dots in the middle. Definitely more legible, but not representative of the snakes’ slithering. In digits/dot mode, I guess this snake can jump!


As is always the case with designs up on the TF Design Blog, you can vote for this watch if you’d like to see it produced.


In the mean time, you can occupy your time with an actual game of Snake, right now.