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Wrap Your iPad in Duct Tape (and Bacon)

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 6, 2011

A while back, I told you guys about a pretty cool iPad 2 case which was made out of good old duct tape. At the time, the case was only a one-off, but you can now get in on the duct tape action yourself. The case’s creator, Coregeek has recently launched a Kickstarter project to get these fun and functional cases into the market for you to enjoy.


Each Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket incorporates a durable, lightweight plywood core, wrapped in ample layers of duct tape. The inside of each case is lined in felt to protect your precious tablet, and the case even self-aligns like the Smart Cover, thanks to its built-in magnets, and even auto-wakes and sleeps. It also can be propped up for easy typing or movie watching.

Unlike the original grey design, the updated iPad 2 duct tape case comes in a variety of cool designs, including such favorites as the Nintendo Game Boy, Doctor Who’s TARDIS, and my personal favorite, delicious smoky bacon (bacon scent not included.)

A pledge of $40(USD) or more will get you one of these Duct Tape Magnetic Jackets in one of serveral basic colors, while $45 buys you patterns like leopard, zebra, or digital camo. But if you really want to travel in style, drop 60 bucks and go for the Game Boy, TARDIS or bacon versions. If you’re feeling like really splurging, Coregeek says he’ll make you a custom design (within reason) for $80.