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35mm Camera Used to Film Star Wars Sells for over $600,000

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2011

We will never see another movie like the original Star Wars again. The plot, writing and the directing were amazing. Not to mention the groundbreaking models and visual effects (that they had to work hard for, instead of using CGI) that gave it an amazing look and feel. Now a Panavision PSR 35mm camera used to film the original Star Wars movie has sold for $625,000 at auction this week.
That price breaks the record for the highest priced movie camera ever sold. The camera had been refurbished back to it’s original state and is apparently working perfectly, good as new.

If the new owner is inspired to do so, he can make a movie of his own, although I suspect it will just be displayed as a trophy. Now if only we could find the original (unaltered) movie that was made with this camera.

[via Flavorwire via Neatorama]