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Q-Sensor Bracelet Determines Your Mood and Tweets About It

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 9, 2011

Everything’s all about your mood and social networking these days. Remember the heat-sensitive iPhone backing that turns your smartphone into a sort-of giant mood ring phone? Or that creepy Jell-O ad campaign with the giant face billboard that smiled or frowned based on the moods of people in Twitterverse?

Now take everything a notch further with your very own personal mood detector and tweeter with the Q-Sensor Bracelet.

Q-Sensor Bracelet

So what makes the Q-Sensor by¬†Affectiva any different from all those other self-proclaimed mood-detecting products? Well, for one, it makes use of sensors that measure your galvanic skin response, an indicator of your physiological or psychological arousal (and also what supposed “lie detectors” measure.). It also keeps tabs on the electrical conductance of your skin, which changes with varying moisture levels on your skin (sweaty, much?)


Aside from that, the Q-Sensor also measures your temperature and overall movement, and inputs all this information into pre-installed software to determine your mood. And if you want it to, it will Tweet your mood.

Sounds pretty cool, right? The only downside is the $2,000 pricetag that comes with it. Of course, Affectiva doesn’t intend this as a consumer gadget – it’s actually targeted at medical and research environments, where the cost shouldn’t be such a factor.

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