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Periodic Table of Swearing: Always Pick the Right One for the Right Occasion

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Written by Range | December 10, 2011

You know, there are some really great swear words out there, and if you’re not living with someone who’s easily offended, they can be nice to try out. There’s probably a swear for every occasion, and while some might think swearing a bit crass, others will find it hilarious.

periodic swearing clay interactive funny keyboard

The Periodic Table of Swearing was created by Clay Interactive for Modern Toss, and it’s a soundboard loaded up with a ton of swears for your ears to enjoy. It has over 100 buttons, and the table was CNC’ed and laser cut out of MDF. Inside there’s over 100m (330 feet) of cabling and has over 300 solder points to make it work its verbal magic.

periodic swearing clay interactive funny keyboard

The video below includes a lot of swearing, so it might be NSFW, depending on whether you work in a school or a truck stop. That being said, if you’re at work,  you shouldn’t be reading this anyway, right? Still, we promise not to tell your boss.

Seems like a lot of the swears are quite British, so they don’t make sense worldwide. On the other hand, that makes them just that much more amusing. “Arseholes for Goalposts?!?!”

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