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Gingerbread TARDIS: I Hope Your Stomach is Bigger on the Inside

 |  |  |  |  |  December 11, 2011

This gingerbread TARDIS looks yummy. But is a gingerbread TARDIS better than a ginger companion? Discuss.
This awesome Doctor Who treat is not new, it was made (and presumably eaten) in 2006, but since it is the proper time of year and since it looks delicious, I just had to share it. It won’t traverse time and space, but it will fill your tummy with all kinds of timey-wimey goodness.


Is a gingerbread TARDIS better than having a ginger companion like Amy Pond? Well, this ginger won’t talk back and be a smartass and it won’t get itself into trouble so that you have to save the day. But on the flip side, Amy Pond has much better legs than this ginger treat. Then again, Amy can’t fill your belly. Well, not unless the TARDIS crashes somewhere and you go all Donner Party on her. That would be horrible though. I’m still undecided which would be better.

[via sliceofscifi]