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Electus 64 Portable Nintendo 64 Mod: Game Boy Becomes Game Man

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 12, 2011

Another day, another portable Nintendo 64 mod. The Electus 64 is a handheld Nintendo 64. It’s handheld in the same way that the original Nintendo 64 console is handheld – technically, you can hold either system in your hands if you wished. But the Electus 64 truly is portable, thanks to its 4.3″ widescreen LCD and 4,000mAh battery.

electus 64 portable handheld nintendo 64 mod

Made by Slipstream, the mod is 5.75″ wide, 7.75″ long and 1.75″ thick. In funny units, it’s as wide as two Game Boys side-by-side, as long as the original Nintendo 64 console and as thick as something that’s 1.75″ thick. Sorry. The 4.3″ screen has both 16:9 and 4:3 modes, but it also has video and audio out ports if you want to play on a bigger screen. The battery is only good for up to 3 hours of gaming, but it comes with adapters so you can plug the Electus 64 into car chargers and standard outlets.

As you’ll see in the gallery below, the mod also has built-in controller ports. There are heatsinks and a fan inside to keep things cool. You can check out the MbB forums for work-in-progress pics of Electus 64.

Slipstream slipped into his entrepeneur alter ego zeusnpanda and put the Electus 64 up for bid on eBay. It’ll be there for a couple more days and is currently at $749 (USD) as of this writing, with a Buy-It-Now price of $995. I still like a shape and size of a couple of the older mods we’ve featured more than the Electus 64, but its case is really beautiful. It’s probably the second thing that people will notice after they get over its size.

[via Slash Gear]