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QWERTY Walls Will Hypnotize Touch Typists

 |  |  |  |  |  December 13, 2011

Like many people involved with computers, I have a fascination with keyboards. While I rarely look closely at keyboards these days, I use them constantly. They are still the fastest way of inputting data into a computer. There has yet to be a viable alternative for keyboards, and I think it will take quite some time before this changes. This is why I’d like to have my own QWERTY walls please.

qwerty walls sarah frost keyboard art

Instead of putting up new wallpaper, Sarah Frost experimented with keys from keyboards. She used thousands of computer keyboards, smashed them to pieces, and used the individual keys to create this technological alternative to wallpaper. This QWERTY Wall is definitely something that all computer enthusiasts will enjoy.


There are some funky hypnotic patterns integrated into these large pieces of art. Check them out at her site, or if you happen to be in NYC, head over to the James Hotel, where you can see one of her permanent installations.



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