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Autom The Diet Robot Now Shipping, Keeps You from Cheating (on Your Food)

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 15, 2011

Autom is a little robot that is designed to help you lose weight by being a good buddy and coach. The robot will talk to you every day and get to know your habits, then react accordingly. Don’t worry, it won’t call you “fatty” or crack wise in order to bully you into weight loss.

Autom simply asks what you’re eating. Then you tell her (yes, she’s a her) through on-screen prompts about your diet. She will remind you to weigh yourself and give you encouragement. But does it work? Well, people are at least getting cozy with the little bot. During testing, users began to dress their robots up in funny clothes and came to consider them friends. And if you have a friend helping you, that’s already a big plus, right?

Autom will cost you $199(USD) and the weight loss service, which includes nutrition help, is $20 a month. Despite what the video says about pre-ordering, Autom is available now, and you can buy one here.

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