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Snappily 3D App Happily Shoots 3D iPhone Pics (Glasses Not Included)

 |  |  |  |  December 15, 2011

The world has gone 3D crazy these days, it seems. I am all for some sweet 3D content at the movie theater or with some shows on TV. I am not all for 3D everything though. For instance, I really don’t want the pics I take all the time in 3D so there is no real benefit to me getting one of those 3D phones that shoot 3D pics.

However, a new app has surfaced for the iPhone that is interesting to me. The app is called Snapily 3D and it allows you to shoot 3D pics on your iPhone easily. However, you need to wear colored glasses to view the photos you snap (unless you want to try the crazy glasses-free “cross-eyed” mode.)

snapily 3D

According to reviews, the app takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, the 3D effects are fantastic. It can snap pics in either color or greyscale, and you can even print your 3D images. One catch is that 3D glasses naturally aren’t included with a digital purchase. You will have to find your own stereoscopic glasses and tell the app what sort you have. It appears that the app takes multiple photos for precise distances and overlays them for the effect.

The Snapily 3D app is on the App Store to purchase right now for $1.99 (USD)