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Star Wars Episode V Retold in Icons

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Written by Range | December 15, 2011

Wayne Dorrington decided that it was time that the story of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, needed to be retold using only icons – or as he calls it “Iconoscope.” I have to say that it’s pretty funny, especially when you’ve seen Empire as many times as I have.


If you can believe it, there was a time where I would watch Empire and Jedi once a month. Apparently, Episode V’s story has enough plot points in it that it had to be spread out across two lengthy illustrations. Be sure to look carefully for some of the more hilarious moments (like the delicious plate of tauntaun intestine spaghetti):


When Wayne first posted these giant images earlier this year, he was hit with so much bandwidth usage that he had to move the illustrations off of his website to avoid a massive hosting bill.


You can check out the full resolution images here. And in case you missed Episode IV:


So what’s next for Wayne? He’s working on Return of the Jedi in Iconoscope now. I wonder how he’ll handle “It’s a trap!” in icon form.

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