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X-Ray App That Lets You See Through Model’s Clothing Boosts Sales

 |  |  |  |  |  December 15, 2011

So here’s more proof that sex sells. I think it’s sort of sad why a lot of retailers push women dressed in skimpy or revealing stuff when they aren’t even selling said clothing (or rather, lingerie) in the first place. Liquor ads? Perfume campaigns? Ads for deodorant?


And now it’s spread on over to ads for winter clothing. Yes, you read that right: winter clothing. Moosejaw decided that they wanted to boost their sales by showing their models in their underwear. How? By releasing an X-ray app that worked with their Winter Catalog to do just that.

Just fire up the app and hover your device over the print catalog or digital catalog, and you can see the models in all their near-naked splendor.And it worked, too. Moosejaw has seen a 37% increase in sales from the same period in November of last year. At least they didn’t discriminate, and have both women and men in their undies.

Gary Wohlfeill, Creative Director at Moosejaw, explains the move: “Our goal at Moosejaw is to always create a unique and notable customer experience. Something that everyone who shops with us will want to tell ten friends about. The X-Ray catalog and X-Ray App are designed to create an incredibly cool, interactive and fun experience that breaks the barrier between our print and digital brand.”

What do you think?

[via Oh Gizmo!]