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The Twist Lunch Bag: Unseal, Microwave, Eat, Reuse

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 18, 2011

It’s always a pretty wasteful scene at the office during lunchtime. Colleagues troop into the lunch room, unwrap their lunches that have been packed in either foil, plastic containers, or styrofoam packages that are thrown out after each use. And this happens every lunch hour. Just think of all the waste generated from disposable food packaging everyday, all over the world and what that’s doing to our environment.

That’s what designer¬†Nick Burrows¬†observed at his office too, which was why he came up with the concept for the Twist.


The Twist a reusable lunch bag that’s made from silicone and stiff aluminum wire. It’s microwaveable, so you can just pop the entire thing in the oven to heat up your food. Once you’re done, just wash it out and use it again tomorrow.


But most importantly, it’s reusable so that’s a whole lot of plastic bags not being added to the world’s land fills every day. It’s a simple design with a simple manufacturing process, which could make a meaningful difference in keeping our world green.


[via Yanko Design]