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Google Lets it Snow in Your Web Browser

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 19, 2011

Here in Texas, it is rare to get snow, so when winter rolls around all we can do is throw handfuls of that foaming hand soap around and pretend its cold. We can go years without seeing any sort of snow around here and if you live in a similarly warm climate, you might want to check out the new Google Easter Egg which turned up this week.

Google Snow

All you have to do to check it out is hop over to Google and enter “let it snow” into the search box. After a second, you will see snowflakes start to fall down the screen. They get heavier over time and then your screen will eventually frost over.

After a bit, a button on the search bar comes on that says “Defrost”. If you hit that button the snow continues to fall, but it won’t fog up again. This is pretty cool. After this one and “do a barrel roll“, what would you like to see for Google’s next Easter Egg?

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