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spnKIX Motorized Skates Let You Fly Down the Sidewalk at 10mph

 |  |  |  |  |  December 20, 2011

Just what we need – a new way for people to injure themselves while speeding down the street. These motorized skates strap directly onto your ordinary shoes and turn them into spnKIX. These skates are controlled via a wireless remote, and will allow users to roll around at around 10 mph. I’m sure someone will hack them to go even faster.

spnkix motorized kickstarter skates peter treadway

spnKIX were designed by Peter Treadway from JPWorks. The skates have motorized wheels on each side, with a battery pack situated on the back of each unit. A battery charge is supposed to last two or three miles, and the batteries can be removed so users can swap them. It takes 2 hours to charge them up.

A nylon frame secures them to each of your shoes, and they even come with some training wheels to help you with your balance when first trying them out.  You control spnKIX using a hand-worn remote control throttle, which lets you easily vary their speed.

spnkix motorized kickstarter skates peter treadway

spnkix motorized kickstarter skates peter treadway

For now, spnKIX are trying to get funded through Kickstarter, and has a goal of raising $25,000 for them to go into production. They expect to roll them out in March 2012, and a pledge of $375 (USD) gets you a pair. Retail price will be $649, so that’s a significant discount.

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