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Playable Angry Birds Christmas Lights Has Invisible Birds

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 21, 2011

You’re probably sick of anything related to Angry Birds by now. I was never addicted to the game myself, but I’m still impressed by YouTuber kumbaric, who ported the wildly successful game on an unlikely platform: Christmas lights.

angry birds christmas lights game

But whereas the original game had loose physics and required experimentation, kumbaric’s version will involve even more trial and error because the birds are invisible. The game is played in first person, bird’s eye, first bird’s eye using a slingshot-shaped controller with three buttons, one each to aim to the left, right and center. The power of the shot depends on how long you hold down a button. The whole thing is done using over 20,000 lights, and a bunch of Light-o-rama controllers. It even broadcasts audio on a low-wattage FM transmitter so people driving by in their cars can hear the sounds.

Watch the video to see the game in action:

Hey kumbaric, do Infinity Blade next!

[via The Daily What via Neatorama]