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Contact Lens With LED: You’ve Got Something in Your Eye, Sir.

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 23, 2011

It’s one thing to stick an LED in a prosthetic eye, but to place it in a contact lens and then place the lens in your still working eye? Gross. Also not as impressive. But YouTuber/tinkerer/proto-Adam Jensen Ben Krasnow did it nonetheless. For science!

contact lens led by ben krasnow

In case you’re having trouble seeing it, the LED is right in the middle of his eye. So what compelled Krasnow to do such a thing? Not that a man needs a reason to stick electronics into his vital organs, but Krasnow was inspired by a very similar project. A group of researchers (isn’t it always a group of researchers? I have no doubt the news announcing the apocalypse and/or the singularity will start with “A group of researchers…”) were able to construct a wirelessly powered, single pixel display mounted on a contact lens and placed their device on a rabbit’s eye. But Krasnow is no puny researcher.

I can’t even put an ordinary contact lens on my eye, so I’ll just tape some Christmas lights on my glasses and use my imagination.

[via Hack a Day]